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"Fastest known radar gun reading was for John DAcquisto"

Phoenix, AZ - United States
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Real Name:John D'Acquisto

About Me

John Francis D'Acquisto (born December 24, 1951 in San Diego, California), is a former Major League Baseball player who pitched for six teams in his ten year career that spanned from 1973 to 1982.

D'Acquisto was named National League Rookie Pitcher of the Year in 1974 when he went 12-14 with a 3.77 ERA for the fifth-place Giants, but he missed most of the next season after elbow surgery.

D'Acquisto tied an NL record with three wild pitches in one inning on September 24, 1976. The San Diego native made a comeback with the Padres in 1978 by switching to the bullpen (4-3 10 saves, 2.13 ERA). D'Acquisto also tied for the National League lead in fielding percentage at .1000% perfect in 1978.

In any five-year period, there are forty guys who are claimed by somebody to be as fast as Walter Johnson, or as fast as Bob Feller, or as fast as Nolan Ryan, as fast as whoever the standard is at the moment. People made the same exact sort of comments about Pete Broberg that they did about David Clyde. We have the same kind of quotes about Gary Gentry, claiming he was faster than Seaver. The fastest known radar reading from that era, other than Nolan Ryan, was for John D'Acquisto. Quote Bill James ESPN Article The Mighty Fastball

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I have a Doctorate Degree in Exercise Science and Physiology and I played Major League Baseball

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