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Having spent months in the RD, I already got to know well the people here, their habits and the life here. And of course there are "a few" contacts I managed to make here ... So, in what ever you might be interested in to know or in whatever you might seek advice or even support ... let me know ...

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October 20, 2009
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May/7/2010 19:00:03


Feb/3/2010 03:09:16

rjonas: to all german speakers watch a new website being given live (slowly but certainly)

Feb/3/2010 03:08:58

Chris: i love the DR. been there many times. too long ago. great people and vacation spot!

Nov/23/2009 20:41:24

rjonas: el mundo dominicano es bien separada del mundo fuera de este pais

Nov/23/2009 06:57:21