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Common Interest - Beliefs & Causes

This group is for dedicated SpiffBox users who are committed to improving the product and making SpiffBox a great experience for themselves and all users.

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October 16, 2009

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MisterSpiff: Digital Memorabilia is live. get a printed email from another member

Feb/2/2011 19:57:00

MisterSpiff: New year - new features. Digital memorabilia is coming soon - get a print out of your favorite Celebs email

Jan/11/2011 21:35:09

MisterSpiff: New features coming: video clips

Jun/5/2010 06:28:14

Maryse: allo there!!! whats going on

Jun/2/2010 15:39:47

Chris: vote for leila:­91127/leila-northridge-ca.html?position=­0&week=8&year=2010 VOTE FOR ME!!

Apr/23/2010 17:20:07

MisterSpiff: Live phone calls in. hit me up if you want them on your account. video coming soon

Apr/13/2010 00:04:47

Jordan: Add Leeanndearing. I spoke with her yesterday. Model!

Apr/8/2010 06:52:02

MisterSpiff: Call feature going in soon

Mar/30/2010 19:32:15

MisterSpiff: Group reply going in soon.

Mar/20/2010 08:12:11

MisterSpiff: $1000 refer a friend sweepstakes

Feb/18/2010 07:42:51