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This is a group for all martial artists. It doesn't matter what style you do, be it karate, judo, capoeira, kajukenbo, or even if you do more than one.

Not many people know about Kajukenbo, which is soooo sad because it is the first truly American martial arts.
Here's some links. Check it out:

Here's the Kajukenbo prayer (yes, Kaju is that awesome):
"Almighty and Eternal God,
Protector of all who put their trust in thee
Accept the humble homage of our faith and love in thee the one true God.
Bless our efforts to preserve the integrity of the United States,
A nation founded on Christian Principles,
Enlighten our rules,
Guide our law makers,
Protect the Sanctity of our homes and
Bless our efforts in these exercises whose sole purpose is developing our bodies to keep others mindful of thy Commandments.
Give us perseverance in our actions that we may use this as a means to keep closer to you, the one true God. * In the name of thy beloved Son, Jesus Christ, Amen."
~Frank Ordenez 1947


Axe Capoeira
An AWESOME brazillian martial arts that encorparates fighting, acrobatics, singing, & instruments.

Once people start joining this group, feel free to message me information about your martial art style & I'll put it in the group description. That way it can be advertised & more people can find out about it. (:

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October 7, 2009
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