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This group is for those who want to become photographers, those who are interested in photography as a hobby, and those who like to see great artwork in the form of pictures!

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March 31, 2009

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photomatt: Greetings, I am a photography student and hobbyist. In addition to my job, I am my departments photo journalist. I will be posting some work soon and would appreciate any tips and critiques!

Aug/16/2010 21:57:26

effusion: You are all welcome to my new Forum! :)

Jul/30/2010 15:56:51

stevenwc: I am a semi professional photography doing childrens, model, nature, abstract and animal photos. I have some of my photos posted on my profile on spiff. Can not wait to talk about photography and offer any help and get any suggestions to help me.

Jun/10/2010 02:38:07

Maryse: allo

Jun/3/2010 05:25:09