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Common Interest - Religion & Spirituality

This group for those interested in astrology and other spirituality related area. For professionals and people are are just interested and want to learn more

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January 6, 2010

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NormaJean: Aloha Greetings to other astrologers. I've just joined and I'm looking for new friends in astrology. I've been practicing professionally since 1980, graduated from Kepler College in 2004, hold NCGR level 4 certification. I teach Introduction to Traditional Astrology for International Academy of Astrology (formerly known as Online College of Astrology.) Everyone is welcome to join my group: Sirius Star Watchers.

Mar/1/2010 00:57:37

JoeAstrologer: Anyone, other than Abundance, ever have a horoscope analysis with a well trained astrologer?

Feb/11/2010 21:27:00

MisterSpiff: 2012 issue? won't know until 2013 if it comes. 20102010 what about that date? europe style, day first?

Jan/29/2010 18:27:08

JoeAstrologer: Thanks for the reply Katie, I really don't have much to say about the issue, but astrologically the date is quite interesting, and many people seem to relate astrologically to the date, most in a very positive way, almost like the date is a point in time when many will reach their potential.

Jan/11/2010 17:26:59

sweettart1: Phone readings all times by April Lugo PhD, international teacher, author, healer and speaker. Details obtained through email, too much to list!!! You may listen to her on CBS psychic radio or BBS radio.

Jan/11/2010 17:01:12

sweettart1: Phx AZ, Across the Veil, healings, readings, & speaking to deceast loved ones happening Feb 16-22nd email for details

Jan/11/2010 16:55:33

KatieDarling: I personally think the 2012 issue isn't true. Probably another gimmick :/ Though its a very scary thought.

Jan/10/2010 03:56:58

JoeAstrologer: Anyone have any thoughts about the 2012 mayan issue??

Jan/9/2010 17:48:57

JoeAstrologer: Okay, so this is the Astrology group, we are going to need to expand this group...any ideas?

Jan/8/2010 21:46:20

MisterSpiff: Welcome to the group. New, simplier user interface going in for Spirituality soon

Jan/7/2010 00:45:01