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This is a group dedicated to all types of models on SpiffBox. Glamour, fashion, bikini, etc. Modeling is a business and the goal here is to expand and improve business for all.

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December 12, 2009

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SummerAltice: Summer Altice here!

Aug/17/2010 07:23:23

amanda7536: Wow theres not that may people on her huh?

Jul/28/2010 19:46:15

amanda7536: Good morning!

Jun/3/2010 14:03:16

Maryse: allo

Jun/2/2010 15:36:56

amanda7536: Good morning SpiffBox!

May/20/2010 13:14:21

amanda7536: i am new to this group. just wanted to say hello.

Apr/16/2010 17:26:20

MisterSpiff: I'll be providing custom banners to models for your websites, myspace, etc., hit me up for more details

Apr/13/2010 00:04:16

Noel87: Hey, I'm new and this is cool!

Mar/25/2010 02:09:19

MisterSpiff: welcome to simona fusco, godaddy superbowl girl and model

Mar/17/2010 22:09:57

MisterSpiff: hi models, make your updates public, you'll get more exposure and hits from search engines. just a tip. your call.

Feb/16/2010 08:56:45